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Interesting web site. From first impression it seems to relate to human/machine cross overs, and virtual agents: http://www.chatbots.org/.

I found out about it from its CEO founder: Erwin Van Lun, by email in response to our TCIT 2011 call for papers. I was wondering if anyone out there is using it or now more about it.


Visual Test

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One of the exciting proposals made is a test pioneered by a visual artist (Yaman Kayihan) to be presented at TCIT2011. The details are still to follow so please watch this space. Meanwhile here is some information as provided by his close friend Prof. Dr. Ugur Halici, Computer Vision and Intelligent systems Research Lab. Dept of EEE, Middle East Technical University.

“Yaman is a visual artist: http://www.formatd.net/yaman/kayihan.html In fact Yaman and I are the two founders of our visual arts group “>formatD”. Together with “formatD” members, we are making screenings, that you may get a brief idea at our web site: http://www.formatd.net/index.html As an extension to his visual series (#184 : http://www.formatd.net/yaman/SERGI184/index184.htm), Yaman prepared the visual test that I mentioned above, in which there are 20 visuals and it is asked which of them are created by computer and which of them are by man. You can reach this test from section #184 of his site or with a direct address of:  http://www.formatd.net/yaman/SERGI184/test/index-test.htm This page includes  information about the test and a downloadable Word file, so that possible participants of the test can send him their responses. Up to now 43 participants sent their forms  and brief results of his test is on the same page.”