Dr. Aladdin Ayesh

Call for Papers-TCIT 2011 – Deadline Extended

Deadline Extended: 21st February 2011

The 2nd Towards a Comprehensive Intelligence Test (TCIT)
Reconsidering the Turing Test for the 21st Century Symposium

At AISB2011 Convention


York, UK
4th April – 7th April 2011

2010 marked the 60th anniversary of the publication of Turing’s paper, in which he outlined his test for machine intelligence. Turing suggested that the possibility of genuine machine thought should be replaced by a simple behaviour-based process in which a human interrogator converses blindly with a machine and another human. Although the precise nature of the test has been debated, the standard interpretation is that if, after five minutes interaction, the interrogator cannot reliably tell which respondent is the human and which the machine then the machine can be qualified as a ‘thinking machine’. Through the years, this test has become synonymous as ‘the benchmark’ for Artificial Intelligence in popular culture.

New advances in cognitive sciences and consciousness studies suggest it may be useful to revisit this test, which has been done through number of symposiums and competitions. However, a consolidated effort has been attempted in 2010 in the first TCIT symposium. This symposium is a continuation on this effort in a three years project to revisit, debate, and reformulate (if possible) the Turing test into a comprehensive intelligence test, or suite of tests, that may more usefully be employed to evaluate ‘machine intelligence’ at the dawn of the 21st century.


Stage 2 of this project will give especial focus on competitions that exist or planned to be evaluated and explored. Thus competition descriptions, evaluation and reflection, and demonstrations of systems will be considered for this symposium in addition to the standard papers. There will be separate guidelines for competition descriptions with possibility of funding available to be awarded to the top 3 competitions to run. Please contact the symposium chair for further information.


Submission deadline for all formats: 11 February 2011 21 February 2011

Acceptance notification: 25 February 2011 28 February 2011

Camera-ready copies: 11 March 2011

AISB Convention: 4 – 7 April 2011

Submission is through easychair web site:




Full research papers: up to 10 pages

Short Position papers: up to 4 pages


Posters: a single sheet, preferably A1 or A2 size.

System Demonstrations: descriptive A4 sheet and software.


Competition proposal: up to 2 pages, this should go beyond an extended abstract and specify the competition goals and give its operational details so it could be run if funding is awarded.

Competition performance, evaluation, or personal reflection reports: up to 2 pages.

Running a competition for demonstration: Please contact the symposium chair (Aladdin Ayesh: aayesh@dmu.ac.uk) to agree on details and deadlines.

  1. I thought I’d draw your attention to the following, written some while ago, concerning a Personal version of the Turing Test, in case they would be of interest:


    • This is an interesting take on the Turing Test. Whilst the deadline for symposium has expired we are aiming to have a round table discussion after the formal presentations. Perhaps you wish to join us and present your ideas for the community to discuss and influence the direction of this project. We are attempting to keep this project as multi-disciplinary as possible and as it should be with representations from relevant subjects, e.g. philosophy, psychology, sociology, computing, etc. Your ideas and opinion will fit well in the discussion.

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